Advanced and flexible facilities

Over 80% of our bottling business is for contract customers.

We are one of the leading packaging facilities in the country. With some of the most advanced equipment available, we offer unbeatable flexibility in an ever-changing market.

Oliver Robinson

Managing Director (Beer Division)



We have the facilities at our Unicorn Packaging Centre (UPC) to receive beer ‘ready to bottle’ or straight from fermentation vessel for cold conditioning, processing, filtration and carbonation. Our tanks vary in size, holding from 50 barrels to 340 barrels. Our minimum bottling run size is 50 barrels. In addition to handling beer and cider for bottling we mix several premium soft drinks on site and all bottles are pasteurised. We recently invested £750,000 in a state-of-the-art pasteurizer which offers our customers product stability.

Flexibility in packaging means we are able to accommodate over 20+ different glass bottles, plus a wide range of labelling options. The majority of bottles we fill are 500ml and 330ml, although other sizes are available between 250ml and 750ml. Our customers benefit from our adaptability - we already fill and label several bespoke bottles to create unique packaging solutions.

Our state-of-the-art bottling line features: 

  • We pack bottles into cardboard trays and shrink-wrap, boxes and multipack sleeves.
  • A range of coloured crowns / screw caps.
  • Our 3 labelling machines allow a selection of labelling options.
  • We pack for around 60 contract customers producing more than 400 SKUs.


  • Bulk beer collection service within UK mainland.
  • Robinsons road tanker fleet, including split compartment tankers, enables us to transport 50, 60, 120, and 180 barrels.
  • We work with many prominent and established breweries and retailers, as well as new start-ups, microbreweries and brand owners.
  • We package bright cider as well as cloudy.
  • We produce and package well-known and growing soft drinks brands.


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