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We're serious about quality. Offering one of the best brewing facilities in country, some of the best people in the business and over 181 years experience... Our customers are in safe hands. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently match the flavour profiles of our customer's recipes. 

Oliver Robinson

Managing Director (Beer Division)

Our contract brewing services combine over 181 years of brewing excellence with 21st century thinking and technology

We have invested in a new, modernised brewing plant, which includes a 2.5m hopnik (one of the world’s largest), to enhance the flavours and aromas of the brewing process. 

Nick Maskrey, our Contract and Export Sales Manager, oversees all contract matters relating to any product we brew and or package for a third party. This includes:

  • Liaison between customers and our technical staff and written technical and commercial specifications.
  • Coordinating cost and handling the excise and complex duty issues for alcoholic beverages.
  • Managing customer's product portfolios. 
  • Advising on our services for new products or legal obligations and changes.  
  • Ensuring that our contract customers are happy with our overall service, whether that is brewing a beer to match their recipe or applying the correct colour crown on their bottle. This can involve anything from a quick phone call to a site visit.  We believe keeping in touch with our customers is very important.


Contract brewing can benefit from our massive investment into a new brew house. The key features of the new plant include:

  • Consistency, quality and automation.
  • The very best in brewing technology teamed with the human touch of our skilled brewers.
  • Very high environmental standards, especially energy efficiency.
  • Our standard brew length choice is 120 barrels (subject to strengths), but we can accommodate 60 barrels (100-200 HL).
  • Access to a wide variety of malts and sugars.
  • Capability of brewing with rice and other unmalted cereals, including cereal cooking if required.
  • Use of pelletised hops in our hopnik.
  • Matching of customers brewing liquor specifications.
  • Largely but not completely automated brew house providing reliable process control but retaining continuous human input.
  • Fully qualified brewing and quality assurance staff with generations of brewing experience.


Get in touch today.


Get in touch today.

Contract packaging

One of the leading packaging facilities in the country offers flexibility in a changing market.