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The famous Shire Horses

Bobek (9 years old) and Mojo (5 years old) and Boris (7 months) are the latest in a long line of Shire horses which, apart from a brief interruption during the First World War when all horses were sold for war duties, have served Robinsons Brewery for over 100 years.

In their heyday, before the arrival of the internal combustion engine, Robinsons Shires were in the main brewery yard working every day to deliver traditionally brewed ales to local inns and hostelries. However, their primary use was inter-brewery work: moving bottles and cases between Unicorn and Hempshaw Brook Breweries in the 1950’s. The Shires also moved cinders from the main yard, spent hops and wastepaper.

Bobek and Mojo are usually based at the stables at the brewery. They compete up and down the country and are part of the Shire Horse Society Demo team. BOBEK also went on tour with Iron Maiden.

Shire Horses have served Robinsons brewery for over 100 years


• Foaled in 2009

• 18.1 hh

• Bay gelding

• Drives single or pair


• Foaled 2014

• 19hh

• Bay gelding

• Drives single or pair

• 2018 National champion


• Foaled 17th April 2020

• Bay Colt foal

• Registered name Hillgate Brigadier Biggins

Breeding programme

Robinsons started their breeding programme in 2018. So far, we have bred 2 fantastic shire foals. We have 2 registered mares that are both in foal and are due to give birth early 2021.

John Robinson, Retail Operations Manager at Robinsons Brewery: On behalf of myself and the board, we are extremely pleased to be preserving and promoting the Shire Horse breed. Robinsons was built on the backbone of the Shire horse 181 years ago, which has continued to be an important part of our family business.”

Facts about our Shires

Bobek and Mojo have their breakfast at 6.30am and their supper at 8.30pm each day. Each Shire can eat for up to 18 hours a day.

The Shires see the dentist every 6 months to check on the health of their 42 teeth.

Bobek's favourite treat is polos... he can devour a whole packet in seconds.

The Shires average speed in walk is 4 miles per hour.

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