Assess your pub through the eyes of the customer

This programme has been carefully created in order to be able to assess our pubs through the eyes of a customer. By listening to our customers, their likes and dislikes, we will be able to support our licensees in improving their businesses so that we can offer the best pub experience possible.

This is a service that Robinsons fund and is at no cost at all to the licensee. We have over 1,000 mystery customers throughout our trading area who report back through our own website to help make sure service and standards are what you'd expect. 

Through answering a detailed questionnaire, you will find, through a fresh pair of eyes, what others see covering everything from external impressions to bar service and toilets. We will share the results with you and then we can work together on any action points. 

We know from experience that the pubs that score well outperform those that don’t by more than 9% in beer volume alone – so it’s worth getting it right!

Gain valuable feedback, improve retail standards, offer the best pub experience possible, and even sell more beer

My Pub Hub

An online resource with multiple elements to help you run your pub more easily & more profitably.

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With around 260 pubs, Robinsons has a vested interest in delivering distinctive training.